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Moving to Kamloops, working in Williams Lake and Hope

Two weeks ago I moved to Kamloops, British Columbia (BC) to start a new job.

At the moment pretty much all of Southern BC is on fire:

Overview of the fires around Kamloops.

Drive to Kamloops with wildfire smoke.

I only spent one day in Kamloops before I drove 3 hours up north for my job, to Williams Lake.

Deer walking along the road in Williams Lake.

View from the hotel.

After the first workday we went fishing. We didn‘t catch anything but the scenery was very beautiful.

Quesnel Forks

The next day after work I drove to Barkerville, the biggest ghost town in Western North America. Barkerville used to be a community where gold miners lived in the 1860s until the mid 20th century. It was fully restored in the 1950s and you can even book a room in the restored hotel there.

Church built in 1869.


On Saturday Williams Lake hosted a memorial stock car race which I watched until a big crash happened (last picture) in the last race and it started raining.

After finishing the job in Williams Lake we drove about 4 hours south to a small town called Hope where we are still working at the moment.

Smokey drive.

Looks dark as if it was in the evening, but this was at 2pm.

Burning hillside.

Burned trees and a beautiful view without any smoke further south.

Burned out cars in Lytton. The whole village burned to the ground.

Ash and burned pine needles on my car.

Not a bad view to wake up to.

Fraser River flowing through Hope.

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